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AR Build Diary: Bolt Catch Installation

By Gabby

It's been a long time coming and frankly, I can't wait another second! Lets get started installing the parts in the lower of my AR-15. The kit comes from LWRC, and I chose it because it is top quality and it is one of the few that doesn't come with extra parts that I would (almost immediately) want to replace. (Ie grip...)

However, because this kit did not come with a grip, it also did not come with a grip screw. When we get to that part of the lower install I will address this. This picture does not show all of the parts that came with the kit, but we'll get to those soon.

Today we're only going to work on the tiny bolt catch. I found that following a YouTube video to learn this was tough because the instructor kept getting ahead of me, and my hands would be busy holding down springs, so I couldn't get to the pause. On my YouTube channel Ive created a playlist of videos I used and found helpful, you can try following them while you work, but I found them more helpful to watch all the way through before I got started.

Note: If you think you won't be able to do this the first time, on your own, remember, I did it, so you'll probably be just fine. Go for it!

Bolt catch gets installed1 tap the bolt catch roll pin into your lower receiver with a brass hammer (only about half way through the hole).
2 Drop the spring into the hole in the lower reciever, 3 then the plunger with the smaller end going in first, 4 then the bolt catch. You may have to press down a bit to get the hole in the catch to line up with the roll pin. 5 You will then tap the roll pin, the rest of the way. You'll want to use a punch to push the roll pin a bit further than the hole in the lower.

I gave each part a very thin brushing of frog lube before placing them. Generally, these parts won't be removed during regular cleaning.

Tip: when using the hammer or the punch I placed a small piece of leather on my lower receiver, so that I didn't make any marks on the finish.
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