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AR Build Diary: Gas System

By Gabby

gas tube and gas block details
A direct impingement gas system is the original design of the AR. This system takes some of the gases released from the firing of a round, and send them back to the bolt in order to eject the spent casing and allow the next round to be chambered. Along with the barrel and bolt carrier group, the AR parts that make up this system are the gas block and the gas tube.

gas block options for AR by ArmedCandy
Most common is the A-frame gas block/front sight combination, but as you can probably imagine, for my build I wanted a lot more flexibility. Maybe one day I would want iron sights, maybe another I'd try a high end optic. Because I was putting minimal rails on my hand guard, I though having a little extra rail space on the gas block might be handy. After realizing that the gas block would heat up while shooting, I decided that I wouldn't be putting any attachments, like a fore grip on the bottom of the block. So to minimize weight, I went with the most minimal gas block I could find, with a rail only on top. I also preferred aluminum over steel, to keep weight down. The clamp-on block from PRI fit the bill perfectly. Some might be concerned that the block might get bumped and turn, but by not attaching my sling to the gas block, and tightening the clamp screws down with red lock-tite, I eased any concerns I might have had.

AR gas system explained

While a gas tube is by far not the most expensive AR part, I still treated it exceptionally carefully. Any kink in a gas tube can cause feed issues, so I purchased from a reputable company, Wilson Combat, and kept the tube wrapped up tight until it was installed.

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