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AR Build Diary: Get a Grip

By Gabby

AR part, Ergo Grip is installed on ArmedCandy's AR
It's very interesting how one part is connected to another in the AR-15. For example, installing the grip makes the selector function. I know I asked you to put the selector in place a few posts ago, and you've been watching it just flop there ever since. Well, now it's time to get it working.

Put the selector in the "safe" position and turn over your lower receiver. Where the grip should be, you will see a little hole. 1 The selector detent will fit into this hole and 2 the spring will follow. 3 Your grip should go on after this, but you may have to guide the selector spring into the grip somewhat, before everything will fit together.

LWRC Deluxe Lower Parts Kit, not all parts depicted
Find a long screwdriver with a bit that matches the head of the grip screw you have. The LWRC deluxe lower parts kit does not come with a grip or grip screw, but luckily a neighbor and gun guy had a spare. This is not an ordinary hardware store screw, it has 28x1" threads and has a 1/4" diameter. My local Home Depot doesn't carry this kind of screw but Amazon.com does. Grip screws are generally made for flat or hex screwdrivers, know what you have and then prepare accordingly. (Hex head screws, known to fit on an "allen wrench", are sometimes preferred for grip screws because they tend to stay on the head of the driver when turned upside down.)

The grip screw is long, but not as long as the grip and the hole you must feed the screw into is hard to spot inside a dark grip. If you have a helper, a flashlight might be handy item to ask them to hold. Also helpful will be a screwdriver with a magnetic head so that the screw stays on the tool even when turned upside down. My average length screwdriver couldn't reach down into the grip when it was time to really tighten down, so make sure you've got an extension or something. 4 Put the washer onto the screw's threads and 5 then screw it down through the grip, into your lower receiver.

One more note: My Ergo grip has a base plate that just pops out and Ergo notes on the package that the grip should not be used for storage. I've seen grips that contain a whole tiny tool kit but whatever you chose, make sure the texture feels good to your hand and the grip angle is good for your wrists.

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