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AR build diary: Goals

By Gabby

AR parts come together to make ArmedCandy's girly gun
Before we move on to the discussion of assembling the upper receiver and related AR parts, I thought we should pause and discuss my goals for this build. As we know, guns are tools and tools have specific jobs. For example, pistols are generally for short range shooting, while rifles are for longer range. When considering the parts that go into an AR build, one must consider what job they want their "tool" to accomplish. Each decision is usually a trade off, like selecting a longer barrels may offer more accuracy but it will also make your AR rifle considerably heavier.

Knowing that I was not building a highly tactical rifle that would need to camouflage into the Afghani desert, I decided to make this AR represent me, whether I was shooting it or it was photographed all by itself. This is how I decided to have the gun anodized my favorite color, turquoise, and laser the ArmedCandy logo on the side. I chose a milled billet lower receiver, over forged, for its strength, and an A3 upper over "slick sided" for the brass deflector. A free floating hand guard, some say is more accurate, and so, and having it anodized the same color as my receivers was my preference, so that decision came quickly. After these three main parts were ordered, I had a few main goals in mind and decided all other parts based on how they worked toward my goals.

• streamlined look
- government profile barrel with now bayonet cut out
- rail height gas block
- minimal rails on hand guard
- compensator with holes only in front

• minimal weight and balanced feel
- 14.5" barrel with 1.5" compensator is as short a barrel as possible without need for SBR
- aluminum gas block, sling attachment, charging handle
- light weight stock

• easy to handle and as accurate as possible
- shortest possible barrel for ease of movement
- government profile barrel is thicker than a lightweight barrel giving better accuracy and longer service life
- mid length gas system for smoothest feeding possible on 14.5" barrel
- compensator that points all gas and noise forward for quieter shooting
- A3 upper with brass deflector to keep brass away from shooter
- easy pull takedown pins, to keep from breaking finger nails
- bolt carrier group with ceramic coating to minimize gunk build up
- single stage trigger for crisp shooting experience
- adjustable stock for any shooter
- extremely ergonomic grip

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