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AR Build Diary: Lower Assembly Completion

By Gabby

Buffer assembly for ArmedCandy AR
We are so close to finishing the build of our AR's lower receiver and we only have a few more parts to go. I've saved the buffer tube and all that goes with it for last, mostly because it will be the hardest procedure to explain, and yet, pretty simple to get done. Let's dive in!

(Reference image on right for first set of numbered instructions below.)

1 Starting with the spring and then the detent, place each into the hole in the lower receiver, in front of the threads where the buffer tube will screw into place.

2 Thread the castle nut onto the buffer tube 3 followed by the end plate. Notice the little tab on the bottom of the hole in the end plate. This aligns with a notch on the bottom of the buffer tube. Because of this tab, the end plate will not spin on the buffer tube, but will always orient in the same direction. The the part of the end plate that hangs down from the buffer tube will now be considered, the bottom.

4 Now thread the buffer tube into the lower receiver. Watch from inside of the lower, as the buffer tube gets closer to the spring and detent. Press down on the detent as the buffer tube comes just over the edge, but not over the top point, so that the detent is held in place. You should be able to turn the buffer tube a little in either direction before it will either, release the detent, or hit the side of the detent's point.

(Reference the image on left for the following instructions)
1 Insert your take down pin all the way into the lower receiver with the trough facing back toward the stock. 2 Turn the buffer tube clockwise just enough so that you can see the tiny hole in the back of the lower receiver.

3 Insert the detent and then the spring. 4 Press the spring into the hole as much as possible and then turn your buffer tube back (counter clockwise) so that the endplate lines up with the back of the lower. Doing your best to keep the spring inside the hole, press the endplate into the lower receiver. If the spring is not all the way in, the endplate will fold the tiny spring causing you to need a replacement. 5 Hold the end plate firmly to the lower and turn the castle nut to tighten it down. The buffer tube should not move at this point.

Check to make sure the detent of your take down pin is working and then use an AR wrench to tighten the castle nut.

Press down on the detent to the best of your ability while inserting the buffer spring. After this goes the buffer, narrow end first. Once pressed inside these should be  held in by the point of the detent that sticks up in front of the buffer tube.

Got it? Then let's move on to the AR's upper receiver!

©2013 ArmedCandy,LLC

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