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AR Build Diary: Trigger Time

By Gabby

ar parts, trigger installationSorry, no, not that kind of trigger time...it's time to install the trigger!

1 We start by putting the selector in place. It probably won't want to stay in the "safe" position, but that's ok. 4 Now, lay the lower down so the front is facing left and place the trigger pin into the lower/central hole in the receiver. The lines in the pin can help you see which end should go in to the hole first. The shortest section of pin, should go into the receiver last. The pin should only be pushed in until it stays in the receiver, but not so far that it comes out the other side of the first wall. The trigger and hammer pins probably won't need much force to  go into the receiver.

The trigger from LWRC comes with the small spring already in place as well as the larger spring in the front. If your lower parts kit did not come with these springs installed, then see the image below for the how those should attach.

ar parts, trigger installation2 You may need to press the trigger down while pushing the pin through, in order for the holes to line up. Once again, you won't push the pin all the way through, just through the first hole in the trigger. As you are working on these parts, brush a thin coat of lube on any areas where metal will rub against metal. You will not get another chance to get between these parts any time soon. (During a normal field strip and clean thes parts do not get removed.)

3 Next, the disconnector will fit in the center of the trigger so that the holes line up. This may require pressing on the smaller spring with the back oof the disconnector while pushing the pin through.
4 Now, the pin can be pushed all the way through. If needed, a light tap with a rubber head-ed hammer should get the trigger pin all the way in.

And now you're trigger has been installed! Without the hammer, nothing will happen when you pull the trigger, but it's very exciting when you take a step back and see a trigger in your AR's lower receiver.
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