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Concealed Carry App Update Review

By Gabby

Concealed Carry App updates itself regularlyWhen concealed carrying a few weeks ago in Asheville NC, I used the Concealed Carry App to check the laws. It actually saved me from making a few errors when concealed carrying in restaurants. In the past I have used this App to check the CCW reciprocity between Georgia and neighboring states, and to learn about the CCW permit process for non-residents in states like Florida and Utah.

It was great to have on my phone and my iPad because I could read the basics while on the go, and scan all the fine print and legal jargon on a slightly larger screen. I reviewed this App for Gun Nuts a few months back and mentioned that it updates it's database of laws regularly, but since I just received an update, I thought I'd show everyone, just how awesome it is!

The beauty of the Concealed Carry App and it's regular updates, is that they are constantly making sure the app's information is as fresh as it can be. As long as you do your due diligence, they will be doing theirs. I really couldn't recommend this App more highly!
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Kalaryn said...

I downloaded it when you first reviewed it, it's been greatly helpful for me as well.

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