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First Look at SCCY's CPX-2 for Gun Nuts

By Gabby for Gun Nuts

Sig Sauer 1911 SpartanSaturday was a busy day for me and meeting new guns. I got to fondle a Sig 1911 Spartan, and dream... But I also got a first look at a very new brand and their new concealed carry offering.

The company is called SCCY (pronounced Sky) and they are based in Florida. The local rep and his daughter were at the range for National Take Your Daughter to the Range Day, and one of the league women came out of the range to tell the rest of us about the gun the man was shooting. She said it was incredibly light and barely bigger than her new XDs 9mm that she was wearing in a belly band that day (for practice). SCCY firearms CPX-2 9mm concealed carryShe said that while it was light weight, the man's daughter (approximately 11 years old) was handling it like a champ. This woman takes her new hobby of shooting, very seriously and has thrown her self, head first, into IDPA as well. So when she said it was a brand she had never heard of, I was very surprised. When she said "SCCY" I was even more surprised that no gun nut in the room had heard of them either. I then broke out my phone for a quick "Bing" scan, (I no longer default to Google due to their "anti-weapon" policy). Upon arriving on the SCCY website I cringed and told the room the suggested retail price. They cringed as well.

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