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Gun Industry Women Agree on Gun Nuts

By Gabby for Gun Nuts

Gun Up Editor Shelley Rae and Gabby of ArmedCandy at SHOTShow 2013
Shelley, you know the industry far better then I and I defer to you on what it is like to do business within this world. I have never had to do anything in this industry other than write about my experiences and comment on how my sans-gun past and my pro-gun present compare. You are right that being judged on one's merits and hard work should be the key to success in this and many other male dominated industries. But I still believe that the women who work in this industry are different in the most awesome of ways.

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JustSomeGuy said...

Just to prove you wrong on the nobody goes there thing...

And I've been here before. In fact...I had this place bookmarked before you showed up on Gun Nuts. Though I can't for the life of me remember where I was when I was linked to here...Hm.

Anyroad, I still think your original (actual) point was a good one. I've been witness to some of that cattiness you referenced and it derails the work environment for everybody. And I've also had the pleasure of observing the atmosphere of many (most?) women in the gunnysphere...worlds different and all for the better.

I do think the results of your post are intriguing. Sort of in the "Oh, look! Minefield! Glad somebody else found it first..." way. Also interesting was the number of men declaring definitively how welcoming the industry is to women. Because men are in the position to know...

In the end, I think the identity politics/gender politics discussion is an incredibly nuanced one. Very difficult to cover in a quick blog post. Worthy of multiple dissertations. And even then likely to be steeped in anger, defensiveness and controversy. Aren't you glad you didn't try to get into all that??


Once again, thanks,

ArmedCandy said...

No, thank you! You've renewed my faith in blog readers!
I'm happy with the results of that original post if only because it opened up a good conversation. The fact that some, guys especially, were offended, by my words I take as a positive, because it aligns with my morning mantra: "you cant do a good job with offending somebody"...

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