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Top Shot Recap for Gun Nuts

By Gabby for Gun Nuts

Top Shot All Stars Season 5 Episode 3 on the History ChannelIt's Wednesday again and if you haven't had time catch last week's episode of Top Shot All Stars on the History Channel, here is your recap.

The main event was a speed challenge with the Sig Sauer 229 in .40 Smith and Wesson. Half the contestants names were pulled randomly and, one at a time, they were required to chose who they would shoot against. They're seemed to be a lot of belly-aching about who each shooter might pick, how they were all friends and didn't want to hurt each other's feelings. It surprised me that they were so focused on the emotional side of shooting against one another. Most said they didn't want to be the name drawn, who would then do the picking. Again, this seemed odd to me, since this person would have the opportunity to "call-out" a person they thought they could beat.

When it came time to chose the match ups, those whose names were drawn were gentlemen about who they chose, attempting to make each shoot out a balanced show of skill. While I found this to be chivalrous, it seemed overly sensitive and sappy. As for the match ups, here is how they shook out:

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