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Women of the firearm industry, what you Gun Nuts should know

By Gabby for Gun Nuts

women in the gun industry, from left, Natalie of Girls Guide 2 Guns, Shelley Rae of GunUp, Gabby of ArmedCandy and Gun Nuts, Rebecca of Rebecca GunsThere was probably an audible grumble, the first time a woman took a job in this industry. Regardless of whether they were excited about it or not, men have slowly, accepted the change. I venture to guess that it wasn't a risk of being caught sexually harassing, that worried the gun guys, but the girly behavior that often seems to follow us ladies.

Allow me to explain. I've worked in offices under female management. I didn't like it. One, specific situation comes to mind. It was a male dominated office with a female office manager. She managed the day to day of all the guys on the team, and she probably did a great job. Then I joined the team and became part of her management responsibilities.

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