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ArmedCandy and Atlanta Young Republicans

By Gabby

Women with guns, the ladies of Atlanta Young Republicans and Gabby of ArmedCandy get together for some shooting fun
I woke up early on Saturday for an event with a club called the Atlanta Young republicans. Chelsea, the groups Women's Director and CEO of Chelsea Loves Politics, had invited me after we'd run into each other a few times at the shooting range. Knowing that we are both gun gals and social media nuts, we clicked instantly.

We all gathered at Quickshot in the center of Atlanta, and donned our safety gear. A few of us more seasoned shooters took the new girls under our wings and pretty soon everyone was having a great time! It was especially exciting to put my new AR15 in the hands of so many women of different shooting levels, and have them all enjoy shooting it.

I don't know if blondes have more fun, but they sure look good holding a turquoise rifle! [tweet this]

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