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Baby Shot and Killed in Georgia, Media Silent

By Gabby

baby, Antonio Santiago, shot in Brunswick GA
This post was written by an ArmedCandy reader who prefers to remain anonymous. The writer is a Georgia resident who helped the police of Brunswick build their case against the suspects. While some of the facts are yet to be known, it is clear that so far, the national media has not felt that this tragic death of a child, is worth of as much air time, if any, as another. If you finish reading and are outraged, please share.

No parent should ever have to bury their child, it is not the natural order of the world. The seaside town of Brunswick, GA was recently shocked by just such an event, and it shook every resident to thier core. Sherry West was pushing her 13 month old son, Antonio, in his stroller on a sunny day when she encountered two African American males. At gunpoint then two men demanded Ms. West's money, but she had nothing to give the two. So the robbers pulled a handgun and shot Sherry West in the leg and threatened to shoot the baby who lay asleep in his stroller. As Ms. West begged the men not to shoot again, one of the men shot Antonio Santiago in the head. The 13 month old died instantly. The shooters fled and a manhunt of massive proportions ensued.

The Brunswick Police Department and Glynn County Sherriff Office put every resource available into tracking down the two suspects. Tip lines, door to door canvasing, scouring of security camera videos and a helicopter hovering over, all proved that the authorities were taking the case seriously. The combined task force immediately put into effect protocols that would not allow for media and local interest to muddy waters by insinuating political or racial bias. There were some attempts by outside entities, to incite racial arguments about who the police were seeking, but with a united front the task force was consistent. They only released information that was based in facts gathered from the ongoing investigation.

Antonio west shot in Brunswick ga and two suspects
As the investigation progressed two suspects emerged, De’Marquise Elkins and Dominique Lang. Dominique Lang was taken in custody in a little over a day later. With information from the suspect in custody, the second was was arrested at a relative’s house without incident.

In the days that followed a lot of conjecture and rumor flew through the town. The mother and aunt of Mr. Elkins offered an alibi for De'Marquise but investigators found that the women's stories did not sync up. Local security camera footage eventually proved the alibi false. Both women were charged with felony false statements. The suspected weapon used in the shooting was found in a local saltwater pond. Mr. Elkins' older sister, was charged with evidence tampering for disposing of the gun in this location. The mom, aunt and sister’s lawyers have filed to have separate trials.

De’Marquise Elkins, though 17, will be charged as an adult, while the other suspect is a minor, so less information has been released about Mr. Lang. It has also come out that Elkins was recently released from a juvenile facility near Atlanta a few weeks prior to the shooting. He is also suspected of the armed robbery and shooting of a pastor in Brunswick, 10 days before the murder of Antonio Santiago.

The trial has been moved from Glynn County for various reasons and is due to start August 19th, 2013 in Cobb County. Brunswick GA is a significant drive from Atlanta, which could be the reason Atlanta-metro news has been virtually silent about this case. However, Cobb county shares borders with those counties that make up Atlanta proper. It will be interesting to see the attention the case receives in the coming weeks.

What do you think? Will the president have any comparisons to draw between himself and Mr. Elkins? Will Antonio's mother recieve support on a national level?

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YouHanoiMe said...

Media Silent -- Because arrests were made and justice is being carried out properly.

bee said...

these two scumbags need to be hung by their balls until they are dead.where is the low life media on this story. obama and holder will probably stick up for these black dirtbags.

SGT Adam Parrish said...

I wasn't aware dirtbags had a race. I've seen em in all shapes and colors. So let's take a break from that. It just makes your point instantly sound ignorant. Even if I do agree with the whole ball hanging thing.

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