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Dating and Guns, for Gun Nuts

By Gabby for Gun Nuts

dating guns and menI've noticed a trend in my life. As a single girl, I occasionally meet men who ask me out. (Keep reading, that's not the trend...) Most of these men only stay in my life for a meal or two, sometimes even less (coffee dates). However, the ones that stick around for a little while longer, tend to be pretty engrossed in the gun world.
This would make sense if I were hanging out at the gun range all the time, or meeting them only in the sporting goods stores. But I happen to be visiting both of these locations even less than the average person ought to, let alone a gun blogger, so I'm perplexed.

Why are all the guys she dates, gun nuts? [tweet this]

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SGT Adam Parrish said...

It's a common bond. It's what relationships start with. Mutual interest in something that you can talk about and see if you have similar views on it. For some people it is politics. For some it's gardening. For some it's TV. That keeps you going until you do enough things together to have shared experiences and then discuss that. And you give me someone with an interest in firearms and that is a conversation topic that can stand the test of time and go on for a much longer than I can talk about gardening. Mainly because I know nothing about gardening and can only pretend or so long. Lol.

ArmedCandy said...

Very logical point, but why are guns so all-encompassing?

timmothy jenkins said...

yay guns

Fireinthehole said...

Is the guy in the pic your latest conquest?

RLDraluck said...

Where are all the Jewish gun girls?

AGunGuy said...

American Jews are told (wrongly) that good Jews are liberals, and should support gun control, because people with guns come and kill Jews.
EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE, they look around and realize that this is the OPPOSITE of logical. They should support gun rights because people with guns DO try to come and kill Jews. They are called Anti-Semites.
The Hebrew bible (Old Testament) SPECIFICALLY says that preservation of life is paramount, and that self defense is not a right but a DUTY.
In answer to the question though, you can find them, but you have to pick carefully.

SGT Adam Parrish said...

I feel like they are all encompassing because while it is a specific topic "firearms", it's a very broad subject at the same time. Pistols, rifles, shotguns, what are your preferences? What do you like? How do you shoot? What styles or tactics have you used? What products or accessories have you used, wanna use, dream of but can never afford? And really, most all of it is opinion. "I like this because of this". It can lead to fun debates as long as it stays in a good natured spirit. (Sit an AR owner and an AK owner down and watch the instant debate begin) And those opinions will tell you stuff about the person as well. How serious of a shooter they are. Background of the person. Etc. Me personally, if I'm talking AR's and they proceed to tell me about the third light they mounted to the 7th rail they attached, I'm aware that this is not the girl for me.

So yes. While they all, in the end, go boom and make bullets come out of them, it can still be a broad topic to be discussed in many different conversations. Now, should that be ALL you talk about all the time? No. Those are the kind of people that lotion their skin with CLP. (Creepy!) but it is a good conversation starter between two individuals if the conversation has hit a wall because one person's life revolves around interpretive dance and the other is just crazy about underwater basket weaving. Gotta find that common ground.

alex786 said...

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melinawatson said...

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