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"Dear G+Abby" = advice + guns, for Gun Nuts

By Gabby for Gun Nuts

emails from readers with personal issues related to guns, answered hereOver the years I have posted a bit about the personal stuff that I have run into, as it relates to guns. In the past, articles have covered topics like, my non-gun-loving family, introducing friends to shooting, and every now and then, I even let you in on some of my dating experiences. Well, last week I posted one such dating discussion that got a lot of you talking, and, it seems, emailing too. I got so many emails in fact, it gave me an idea... Every one has heard of the old advice column, "Dear Abby" but what if her advice centered around the personal issues of guns? Hence, I've come up with, "Dear G+Abby"! But I don't need to explain this to you, when I can just show you what I mean.
Here is an email I received this weekend. (The identifying details have been removed and the message was edited for content.)

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