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Gabby Prefers Gun Guys, Explained for Gun Nuts

By Gabby for Gun Nuts

gabby likes guns and the men that come with themRecently, I posted about and questioned, why I primarily date gun guys. Most of you have very good ideas and comments. Those comments kept me thinking for many days, until I came to this conclusion.

Guns are not like other hobbies. The government isn't debating my right to garden. Nobody is worried about legislators taking away my right to cook. A crafting accident has never ended with someone fatally wounded (that I know of). Criminals are not using camping as technique to carry out illegal activities (again, as far as I am aware). However, by going to the gun range, owning a gun and enjoying shooting, I am throwing myself into a long list of heated issues.

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chris kraska said...

I prefer to associate with folks who aren't afraid of guns because they're guns. As a school teacher for 14 years and a firearms instructor of 22 years I find that people at times go "oh my gosh, you're a teacher and you shoot GUNS!".

One of the most satisfying things I do as a firearms instructor is empowering people to use firearms responsibly and effectively.

I commend you for dating "gun guys". Of course there are other factors but being skilled in the use of firearms shouldn't be a cause of fear to anyone but the maladjusted.

Kind regards,


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