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oh the games you'll play, Laserlyte Laser Trainer

By Gabby

games to play with Laserlyte Laser trainer
Yesterday's review of the Laserlyte laser training system covered the basics, but I thought I'd follow it up with a few games that the system makes possible.

In "RT" mode the target will light up randomly, every 3-7 seconds and then stay lit for 3 second, or until it is "shot". If you're practicing solo, try this: With both targets set up a few feet apart in your living room, turn around so that you can't see the targets, and wait for the beep. When you hear the beep, turn around and acquire your target then "fire". Were you able to do this in 3 seconds? Though you may know where both of the targets are, deciding which target to lining up, and "shoot" is a challenge given the time constraints.

If you have a helper, try this: Have the person move the targets every so often so that acquiring the shot becomes even more difficult.

You can also try taking cover around the house and only popping out to fire on a lit target.
You can have fun and get prepared for home defense, all at the same time, thanks to Laserlyte [tweet this]

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Geiger84 said...

Put one of the targets on a Roomba

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