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Purse Holstering by Sassy Shooting Accessories, A Review

By Gabby

I received this little gadget a while ago and have been trying to decide how I feel about it ever since. The Sassy Shooter Purse Insert, is a fashionable little holster for a woman who is not willing to compromise and I really appreciate this about the design. Using fun fabrics, the insert appears to be just another makeup case in a woman's bag. This might allow the insert to be used in a purse that doesn't zip closed, or in a beach bag.

However, I can image it better in a glove box that might accidentally pop open, revealing one's conceal carry weapon, than flopping around in an open-top purse. The retention of the holster inside, is fine as long at the unit stays upright, and the magnetic closure of the top flap also helps conceal, but if thrown into a beach bag, there's no telling where a woman's gun might end up. This would also pose a problem for retrieving and drawing of the pistol. I imagine that a hook or some sort of device to anchor the purse insert, might help a great deal. Of corse if the open-top hand bag were not especially large, this product would be perfectly useful.

You can find out more about Sassy Shooting Accessories here.
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