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Review: Aegis Armory Holster

By Gabby

womens concealed carry holster IWB
I recieved this, custom made, inside the waistband (IWB) holster from a local manufacturer, called Aegis Armory, in Flowery Branch, GA. I was immediately impressed with the workmanship.
The leather was soft and edges smooth. Though I was warned otherwise, the black dye of the leather, did not transfer to my body or clothing, no matter how much sweat, this Georgia summer could induce. The kydex shell fit my gun perfectly, and I was surprised that Aegis had a mold for my less than common carry gun.
armedcandy review of concealed carry options for women
Already having the mold for my ccw, made for a quick turn around, which I prefer, but have trouble finding, especially when ordering custom goods. The company also offers Kydex in a rainbow of colors. They may end up hearing from me, so I can have a holster to match every pair of pants in my closet.

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Ben said...

I hear good things about Aegis Armory, glad to hear you had a good expericence with them.

boom said...

Am I crazy or are you wearing a left-handed holster on the right-hand side? How the heck do you draw that way?

Ginger said...

your palm faces out instead of in....useful for farther behind the hip as shown, or even into the small of the back.

Gabby said...

Well noticed y'all... I do reach with my palm out so I tried getting a lefty instead of a righty.
I think it's hard for a woman to wear a gun directly on her hip, it's gotta be a little behind the hip for it to avoid hitting the bone...

Kalaryn said...

That's how I wear my IWB too and it's palm out to draw.

Kalaryn said...

I'm definitely going to check this site out, I'm not fully happy with the two IWB's that I have so I'm in need of something better.

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