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Review: Kangaroo Carry Holster, for Gun Nuts

By Gabby for Gun Nuts

Kangaroo Carry HolsterPeople often ask me how I conceal carry. I usually tell them that it's a work in progress and what I mean by this is:
1. I am yet to find any method with which I am fully happy.
2. I don't think women, who wear different outfits on any given day, that hug their bodies differently, can rely on just one method of carry. Two or three would be probably be a more reasonable estimate.

So, after my lament about my concealed carry experience in North Carolina, I was contacted by a company who asked if I wanted to try something compleatly different. Being the open-minded girl that I am, I said "Sure" to Kangaroo Carry of Houston Texas.

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Ron said...

I have one and found it lacking if you wear a button down shirt in the heat of Houston. Found the Zura from Cattasi more suited to my lifestyle.

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