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US Welcomes IWI's Tavor


Gabby shoots IWI Tavor Rifle at SHOTShow As SHOTShow approached, I began to make a list of weapons that I would like to test fire. Because we would have limited time at the range, there were some guns that I absolutely had to shoot and others that I'd only get to feel on the show floor. Without realizing it, I also created a series of expectations of what I would like and what I would dislike. The Tavor Rifle by IWI was low on my priority list. That may have been due to the negative influences that had influenced me, prior to SHOT. I had read a lot of negative reviews regarding bull-pup designs, 16"+ length barreled guns with the magazine located behind the trigger group. No gun writers were particularly complimentary of the trigger feel or general ergonomics. While I approached the IWI tent with trepidation, Gabby would not have left media day with out visiting "her people" so we waited on the long line.
...In spite of myself, the Tavor Rifle is now high on my must have list.[tweet this]

First off, I would like to tip my hat to the gentlemen running the IWI (Isreali Weapon Industries) booth. Gabby and I shot the rifle late in the (very cold) afternoon, yet they were patient and took their time explaining the weapon platform very thoroughly before having us step up to the firing line. We were shown the various features and abilities of the Tavor, such as its ambidextrous safety and operating features as well as how to safely operate the gun. Gabby shot first and seemed to enjoy herself, but I was still wary of the "crunchy" trigger I was about to operate.

I was handed a civilian model (as IWI was not allowed to import their fully automatic Tavor), with a 16" barrel and a Mepro 21 non-magnifying red-dot scope (Mepro is also an Israeli company). The weapon takes a standard AR15 magazines and has great ergonomics. The long (civilian legal) barrel combined with the short overall length made it an easy weapon to hold and kept the weight of the gun inside of the operators arms (no heavy fore-end and barrel to wrestle). I also have to say the the trigger was a pleasure to operate with a smooth pull of around 5-6 lbs. I can see this being a great alternative to an AR-15 for a new shooters and women that lack the strength to carry the larger/longer black-gun weapons platform.

So, how does it shoot? I was more than presently surprised. The Tavor was accurate and fun. I shot, standing, at a variety of metal silhouette targets at distances ranging from 30 yards to 150 yards and I didn't miss much at all. Consistent head shots at 30 yards, alternating between right and left targets, and a 90% hit rate at ranges out to 150 yards makes this a very accurate weapon. It was a pleasure to shoot and is perhaps the most impressive new platform that I had the opportunity to try at the show. The Tavor and gentlemen at IWI blew away my hesitation, and in spite of my expectations, the Tavor is now written in ink, on my must have list.
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