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Beginner's Moving & Shooting Course, for Gun Nuts

By Gabby for Gun Nuts

moving and shooting for beginnersWhat are your Labor Day plans? This week I have an opportunity to shoot on some private land in the North Georgia mountains. I am too excited about it!
Rather than using this gift of space as just another trip to an outdoor range, I feel I must use this opportunity to the fullest. Therefore, I’d like to create a number of drills that I will be able to run solo, but will use the space to the fullest. I’d like to practice a number of skills with which I currently have limited experience, and then I’d like to try moving and shooting for the first time.

I could use your help setting up my first moving and shooting course. Got any ideas?[tweet this]

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Jon Zaring said...

I personally think you should drill hitting one target while moving. Another would be reloads/tactical reloads while on the move. I don't know of any specific drills as I am a indoor range flunky. IDPA is shooting under cover, but I have shot one drill where you are firing while backing up -- draw, fire, retreat while firing.

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