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Does this offend you?

By Gabby

ArmedCandy T shirt for men
Believe it or not, I happen to be a pro at saying just the wrong thing at the worst possible time. With the best of intentions, I have been known to put my foot in my mouth on numerous occasions. However, blogging and writing, has really helped me think before I speak and remember to focus on only the issue at hand. Many of my blunders of the past, occurred because my sense of humor didn't come across in a statement that was meant purely in jest. So when I designed the following T-shirt, I knew I should clear it with a number of people, before I went any further.

The problem came, when my panel of clear thinkers all returned different responses to my idea. I decided that my only solution was to turn to my readers, and find out their thoughts. So here it is... A T-shirt design for the gun guys we love:

Just in case the image is hard to see, the shirt reads:
"I like my women like I like my country...Bearing Arms." www.ArmedCandy.net
©2013 ArmedCandy,LLC


The Shooting Blog said...

Nothing offensive that I see. Not near as "in your face" as some other shirts I even wear.

TV-PressPass said...

Yeah, thats on the amusing rather than snarky side of t-shirts. I'd wear one.

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