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Guys, I like my guns girly, for Gun Nuts

By Gabby for Gun Nuts

Gabby's girly gun and colorful gun accessoriesI recently received a piece of unsolicited advice, my favorite kind, from a gun guy. He felt that to focus on colorful gear, watered down ArmedCandy's message. He said, pink and turquoise weren't very tactical, and my time could better spend elsewhere. I wasn't thrilled to read this, but I wasn't really offended either. His comment made me realize that I may be forever explaining this part of my philosophy to men.

I know my turquoise rifle doesn't mean that it's a better gun, but I do believe that it will be part of what makes me a better shooter, eventually. I realize this may be a shocking idea for men (and maybe for some women too). So if you're one of the shocked people, let me ask you a question: have you ever seen a woman wear a pair of shoes out the door that she considers uncomfortable? If you asked her why, she might respond, "But they make my butt look so good."or "They make me feel sexy."

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