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Self Defense and the Single Girl, for Gun Nuts

By Gabby for Gun Nuts

couples who shoot togetherI talk a lot about couples that bond over guns. They enjoy going to the range together, cleaning their guns together, or some other guncentric activities. I've also discussed all sorts of issues regarding women being responsible for their own personal defense. However, as a dating woman there are certain questions that arise somewhere between single life and coupledom.

Going out on a blind date while carrying concealed, seems just as reasonably cautious as carrying to the grocery store. If I guy realizes I'm packing (for one thing, I'm doing something wrong) and feels that I'm not the right gal for him because of that, then he's probably right. Then again, I have been known to get a bit lazy when dating a guy who carries regularly. Maybe it's my deeply suppressed damsel-in-distress coming out, who takes advantage of a moment where she can only be the protected, not the protector. But this leads me to a pressing dilemma, is my date prepared to protect us both? What is he expecting of me, a gun girl, in an emergency situation?

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