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Shooting Range in Mansfield GA

By Gabby

Charlie Elliot Wildlife Center and 100 yard shooting range in Mansfield Ga
The Charlie Elliot Wildlife Center is in Mansfield, GA and consists of 6400 acres of outdoor opportunities managed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. I've driven past the archery range and the business center, and they seem nice, but what keeps me going back is the 100 yard rifle range.
Shooting outdoors, multiplies the fun of the sport exponentially. Combine that with the fact that indoor ranges rarely offer such yardage and the inexpensive nature of this range, and they've got me hooked. The cost of a three-day Georgia Outdoor Recreation Pass (GORP) for a resident is $3.50. Even if this pass only gave me access to one shooting range, it would be a bargain, but it covers all sorts of resources, all over the state!

Read more about the range and our adventures there, in Gabby post for Gun Nuts, tomorrow.
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I hear great things about that place!

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