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Trouble Zeroing my Rifle, for Gun Nuts

By Gabby for Gun Nuts

Wildlife Management area in central Georgia, Charlie Elliot Shooting RangeI have found a new favorite place to shoot! About 45 minutes south and a bit east of Atlanta is a "Wild Life Managment Area" called, Charlie Elliot Wildlife Center. Now, I say that the trip takes 45 minutes, but if you live in, have ever visited, or have even heard of the city of Atlanta, you know that the bulk of the travel commitment is not included in this amount of time. So, as long as you've packed your patience, you will be in for a treat!

I visited the range, for the second time ever, this past weekend, and I was impressed that the guys running the place remembered me from my first visit. (They even asked why their range hadn't yet received a write up on ArmedCandy!!) They are so sweet and helpful, even while being extra vigilant toward careless shooters or idiots. They have helped me set up product tests that are both safe and useful, even when they are not sure "if I should really be allowed to shoot that here"...

sighting in an AR opticHowever, this weekend, while at the Charlie Elliot Shooting Range, my focus was primarily on sighting in my AR. I recently removed the cheap red/green dot optic that I had originally put on the rifle in exchange for inexpensive iron sights. My reason for doing this was that without a co-witness front sight the dot in the optic was useless. Only I, really knew where it needed to sit for a precise shot and it was NOT in the center. After using 50 rounds to zero the gun, a 25 yard shot aligned to look something like what is pictured to the left. So the optic was returned, and iron sights put in its place.

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SGT Adam Parrish said...

Without knowing your shooting style, it's hard to offer suggestions. I HAVE seen this problem on the range before and can give you the fix that we've implemented in the past.

Assuming that the problem is that the distance between your cheekbone on the stock and your eye is longer than most (which is rarely come across but it does happen), there are two solutions.

The first is to attempt to "chipmunk cheek" your face against the stock more if possible. If you can get your eye down lower, then you'll have more play in the front sight in regards to your eye being lower, you can now bring it up and adjust the sight up and down. That is the cheap fix that causes you to spend nothing. But it does change up your way of shooting and may not be comfortable. So of that is the case, you move on to your second option.

The second option is to shop around and find sights or attachments that enable the sights themselves to sit higher or lower depending on your needs. If you can't get the front sight down any further, find something to raise the back sight. That way you should have to at least raise the front sight to even it out and then you'll have play in sight adjustment. Plus if the issue is what I described above, it will raise your back sight higher up to your eye.

SGT Adam Parrish said...

Might as well TRY the first fix since it's free. ;)

Mandy_Monstar said...

A good turkey neck on the rifle should help with consistency. When shooting my AR, I always try to get my nose right up close to the charging handle.

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