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2A and the City - NY SAFE Act

By Lauren

Lauren, woman fights for a rifle permit in New York City
As many of you know, New York State has been fighting against the SAFE Act that was passed in the middle of the night days after the tragic school shooting in Sandy Hook, CT. Since then, it has been nearly impossible for New Yorkers to register for firearms, or obtain ammunition. Some of these laws include maximum magazine capacities of no more than 10 rounds. However, unless one is at the range, no more than 7 rounds may be loaded in a magazine. Also, the ever-popular AR-15, has now been banned completely in New York State. ALL firearms, including rifles must be registered and there are no "private sales" allowed in New York. All sales must get processed through an FFL and require a background check, the only exception being immediate family members.
is it only the rich who are entitled to protect themselves in NYC?[tweet this]

With that being said, I used to live on Long Island, where prior to the SAFE Act, long guns were not required to be registered, however in New York City one needed to register all long guns. Well, recently I moved back to the city and am trying to register my rifle here. Let me tell you, it has not been easy and still isn't done. The rifle was paid for by me, but purchased under the name of an old boyfriend who had gotten the rifle at a discounted price for me. I do not have the original bill of sale, but in order to register it in New York City, I need some sort of proof. I have been dealing with an FFL in upstate NY who is trying to help me register my gun while keeping within the lines of the law. It is now requiring me to drive 3 hours upstate to file paper work and then 2 hours back to Long Island to pick up the rifle, because I cannot keep it at my house without it being registered. I am proof of how strict gun laws are only hurting law abiding citizens. I refuse to break the laws but it's more than "inconvenient" to obey them. It is costing me money and time to simply be able to protect myself and my family, and continue to better myself in a sport that I LOVE!

I still have not been able to register the rifle, and am also trying to save up money to apply for my pistol permit. As I'm sure you know, life in New York City isn't exactly "cheap, and that applies to gun permits as well. I'm looking at about $500 in fees before actually buying the pistol I want. With the new mayoral election coming up in NYC, we are all hoping to see some change, but it isn't likely. I am trying to keep an optimistic mindset and continue to live safely, but all these hurdles and fees make me wonder; is it only the rich who are entitled to protect themselves?

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