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Concealed Carry Options for Gun Nuts

By Gabby for Gun Nuts

20130902-011709.jpgAt my Georgia Carry.org speaking engagement, a few weeks ago, a woman raised an issue for which I didn't have a good immediate response. She said her place of employment did not allow the carrying of a firearm, concealed or otherwise.

Now, I can understand a person choosing one coffee shop over another, based on their corporate policy toward concealed carry, but in this situation, it seemed highly inappropriate to suggest that this woman reconsider her place of employment. I also think she wouldn’t have appreciated the offer of a solution that included her defying her employer's wishes. So what could I say to this question?

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slicemaster19 said...

Just as it is everyone's personal decision to choose whether to carry concealed or not, it is also within the business' rights to determine if they will allow it. If company policy says no guns, you must either abide by it or be ready to be fired. If it is posted legally as "No Guns" (according to your state), you could also be charged with criminal trespassing or worse.

I don't like it, but my job has this same policy. I have asked for it to be changed, but that has not happened. So I must decide how to handle it. And the unfortunate result is that I must remain vigilant about my surroundings but not have a firearm to protect myself . I do have other legal tools for self protection (guns aren't the only option), but I have determined for my own situation that I need to leave my gun in the car.

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