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NYPD Shooting Accuracy

By Gabby

NYC cops shoot bystanders in time square stirring questions about accuracy
This morning I posted to facebook about a shooting that occurred overnight in New York City. Cops opened fire on an unarmed suspect and accidentally hit two bystanders. Previously, our own "C-Mag" posted about how the NYPD uses custom Glocks with weighted triggers. A discussion followed about why they would prefer such a modification and what affect a heavier trigger would have on their accuracy.

After my morning post, many readers weighed in. The consensus seemed to believe that the heavy trigger was preferred in order to avoid negligent discharges. However, our own writer "Lauren" of the FDNY also noted that the training requirements for most units in the NYPD are minimal at best.

Well, here's my solution:
Step up the NYPD firearm training program x10. Ditch the heavy trigger for an average weight and issue hosters with a little extra retention. Then train those cops some more!!!

I have family and friends in that city, and while I know they're not criminals, I don't want to have to worry that they will be ACCIDENTALLY shot, by a poorly trained cop! (But poor training really isn't an accident.)

I look forward to other suggestions as well...
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Ri said...

But this wasn't a 'negligent discharge' just a typical NYPD lousy shot!

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