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Does A Gun Make A Man?

By Gabby

Does a gun make a man
I’m a little disappointed at the suggestion that was made in regard to my recent post about my new relationship. It was stated that my boyfriend, who is not a “gun guy” should “grow a pair” in order for our relationship to succeed.
My initial response to this ignorant comment was to laugh and defend my man’s honor. My second thought, was that my public persona as a “single gun girl” had created one jealous fan, who was venting his frustration. However, the longer I thought about the recommendation, the angrier I got. Not because of what anyone who doesn't know us thinks, but because of the connotation that a gun makes a man.

Owning a gun, carrying a gun or using a gun doesn’t make anyone a “man,” because if it did, I wouldn’t be a “gun girl” much longer! A man isn’t defined as the best hunter or the guy with the biggest firearm collection, and certainly, men don’t get together, drop their shorts, and measure each other's junk.

I’ve mentioned in the past, that I’m something of a traditionalist, however, I do have a streak of feminism in me. I believe men should be protectors and providers but women should be ready to do these things as well. A man should be ready to keep his family safe, but to do so doesn't mean he has to be a tactical operator. I imagine that it might make an ideal team if a couple were made up of one prepper-minded person and one defensive strategist.

While I enjoy my gun hobby, I am not especially interested in hunting for dinner. My man is more than happy to pull trout from a river, chop wood for the fire to cook it, then create a gourmet meal, all while listening to me talk. Then what makes him such a man? He’s a man because he is a provider and caretaker while being gentle and thoughtful. Most important, he isn’t worried about how being these things will make him appear to other guys.

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Jewish Marksman said...

Question #1: is he Jewish? ;-)

ArmedCandy said...

I already have 1 Jewish mother ThanQ!

Jason Van Haaften said...

I must have missed the rude remack that was made. Anyway, as long as your man makes

Jason Van Haaften said...

As long as your man make s you Happy, who cares what others think! They aren't in the relationship, you are. Forget them; and be happy!

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