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I Have Enough Guns

By Gabby

Woman with gun
“I have enough guns.”

Ever hear someone say this sort of thing? It’s rare but it happens. Up until recently I hadn’t, but then I heard a gun owning friend say that he had enough for the defense of his home and it got me thinking. When will my collection be complete?

When will you have enough guns?[tweet this]

Personally, I have three guns and I am not currently compelled to buy any more. One is for concealed carry, one I love to shoot, and then I have my rifle. I could explain, and list them, in many different ways, but this list seems to, generally, cover it. I feel as though my gun collection, or tool box, is now varied and comprehensive. Sure, a shotgun does a specific job very well, and I don't have one of those, but I don’t particularly enjoy shotgunning and so, I don’t feel the need to own one at this point in my gun owning life. Then again, I’d also like to have a pistol and rifle that each shoot .22LR rounds so that I can practice more often and for a lesser cost. For these I will have to wait for a budget that allows such purchases.

Unless you are a specific type of gun person, be it defense focused, hunter or plinker, it seems as though collections just keep growing. I have been told many times by my family, (who are less enthusiastic with my interest in guns) that I have enough, so I wonder, if you’re not a collector and trader of guns, when do you have enough?

What are the most important categories or calibers to cover in a collection of firearms? What are your reasons for collecting more guns than you can shoot at one time?

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Steve Voss said...

I have more than I need and more than I shoot, but not more than I want. Some I've had for years and are old friends that get taken out to be handled and put away again. Some are inherited from loved ones that I'll never shoot and never part with. Some are the ones I'm interested in now. Some, down the road, will be the ones I become interested in.

Besides, one is none and two is one.


PS: I don't have a sickness, I only have five 1911s

Hillel said...

I feel that I have enough, though there are always some on an imaginary wish list. Nothing I really feel that I need. I recently sold one, and am considering selling another one. You should really have a 20 gauge shotgun and a 10/22.

Steve Voss said...

Absolutely correct. Everyone should own a shotgun and a .22 rifle.

GunNoob said...

It's a pretty subjective...uhm..subject. There isn't a "Goldilocks" load out. Someone in the Montana is going to have different needs than, say, me here in FL. Hurricanes and the aftermath have a pretty interesting set of potential requirements.

For most situations, short of a zombie apocalypse or alien invasion, I feel like I'm adequately armed. Do I have enough for my own personal happiness and enjoyment? Sure....until I see something else shiny at the gun store.

Mandy_Monstar said...

No. I will never have "enough." What is this "enough" you speak of? That is not a word I recognize in this context. ;)

But more seriously, I have different guns for different reasons. I want different guns for very different reasons. I have handguns for different styles of carry outfits, rifles for different styles of shooting, and C&R collectibles for their different connections to history. I intend to get more of all of them, as there is always something more to learn, and different guns are better at different things. I don't pretend that just one will be able to fill every role I desire to have filled.

But I also love shooting - at a variety of distances and a variety of calibers. I don't want to shoot a shoulder bruiser all day, or shoot something heavy that stresses my arms all the time, or shoot only bench rest, and I don't want my day at the range to be over because I'm done with the large caliber. So I have a centerfire collection and a rimfire collection, and believe very firmly that everyone ought to have a .22LR rifle or pistol with sights similar to each centerfire style they own to use for practice. It's a great way to work down a flinch, and an economical way to get the round count needed for effective practice.

I wouldn't get to compete in smallbore competitions if all I had was the one AR-15. I wouldn't get to learn to shoot military irons if all I had was the scoped .22LR. I wouldn't have learned to appreciate history in such a physical way if I didn't have the Mosin Nagant to beat me up. I don't hunt, and I don't think I ever will. But I do enjoy shooting a great variety of firearms for a great variety of purposes.

Mandy_Monstar said...

I think everyone should have a .22. I don't personally have a need or desire for a shotgun, and don't think everyone needs one.

Klingon00 said...

I'm sorta reaching that stage now. Sure there are guns I would like to own, but as for my needs, I'm starting to branch out into buying more reloading equipment, stocking up on components and putting my money into more training and shooting and less into buying another gun. I feel like it's a natural evolution. I've got some good guns, so now I feel like it's time I invest my resources into shooting them better and more frequently.

Elizabeth Hitchens said...

I started with a popular "safe-action pistol" for home defense, then there was the pump shotgun, and then.... My original idea was to obtain ONE of each type of weapon, lever action, DA revolver, SA revolver, bolt-action rifle, AR-15, Garand, and so on. Part way there, tripped-up, ended up with a few duplicates along the way. Oh well, some girls have too many shoes, I on the other hand....

You really should have a .22 (or two). They're economical, and a whole lot of fun.

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