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My Boyfriend is Not a Gun Guy

By Gabby

gabby of ArmedCandyis dating a guy who isnt into guns
I can’t contain my excitement any longer and so, I think it’s time I shared a little news. I’ve finally met my match! We have only been dating for about two months, but we are both aware that this relationship is something special. I think he’s wonderful, and he feels the same about me. However, here’s the most ironic fact of the situation: He’s not a “gun guy”!

After all my talk about the joys of dating gun nuts, I end up with a fella who calls a magazine, a “clip”, and I don’t care! Yes, he grew up around firearms and yes, he keeps at least one on hand for our safety, but this weekend he shot an AR for the first time, and it was MINE.

There are many reasons I feel that this man is well suited for me and the truth of the matter is, the fact that he isn’t especially interested in guns, is actually a positive. I’m sure this sounds incredibly counter to many of my previous pieces about dating men who were range rats like myself, but it has actually, enhanced our relationship.

Why? One major reason is that we are not competitive at the range. He allows me to lead, and he takes the position of sous chef. Because of these automatic roles, there is no competition and little opportunity for feeling emasculated. Further, he feels a sense of pride when a co-worker looks up ArmedCandy.net and then catches him in the breakroom (he works in the North Georgia mountains, in a manufacturing plant) and warns, “you better not screw up around that girl…!”

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Grog said...

If you're content with him, and he's content with you, that's all that matters. If someone wants to argue with you about his lack of firearms interest, tell them to carry their ass on.

ArmedCandy said...

Thanks for that! We are pretty content... I spent a considerable amount of time single in the gun world and found that it was easy to find men to date, but hard to balance the fact that both people involved were highly passionate about the same subject. Sometimes it was a thing to bond over but often it created too much competitive tension... Either way, I now have a partner to explore with, who I can teach, and who is going to teach me all about Trout fishing :)

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