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School Shooting Solution

By Gabby

School shooting solution from ArmedCandy
On Monday a middle schooler in a small town in Nevada, shot and wounded two of his classmates and killed a teacher just as classes were about to begin. The boy turned the gun on himself long before nearly 200 police officers arrived. There is no word yet on how the boy was able to procure the gun from his home or what his intentions may have been. What has been made clear is that the teacher who was killed was a beloved educator, as well as a Marine. He died while protecting the other students and is deservedly, being called a hero.

The mayor of Sparks, Nevada was quoted by the AP saying, “You see it on TV all the time. You just don’t think it’s going to happen to you.” But that’s not completely true. Last year, after the Sandy Hook School Shootings, the Nevada school district held an informational session to explain to parents the safety measures they had in place. At this point, I think any school that believes they are beyond being targeted, is kidding themselves.

One security measure that has come to light is that once shots were fired in the school yard, the school doors were locked, keeping the shooter from entering. This is great news because it proves that preparedness can be affective for these types of situations, but obviously, it's still not enough. I'm not saying that the slain Marine/teacher should have been armed, but of all those on the playground, I imagine he would have been a great choice.
Health Class - A Solution to school shootings?
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What I would like readers to consider, is Health Class. With the arguments against teaching abstinence to teens stacked in front of us, why are we repeating previous mistakes by replacing "intercourse" with "guns" as the restricted term. It doesn't work! Pretending kids are not going to have sex is like pretending kids will never meet a stranger who could do them harm. Clearly, we can't assume that any school is safe enough. So here's my idea: why not take some time from putting condoms on bananas and teach kids basic gun safety during health class. I'm not saying put real guns in their hands in a class room, or even taking them to the range. Rather, show them the main safety rules and a video of what a projectile does to flesh. (No traumatic, or Hollywood style footage, just a bullet into a piece of meat.)

Is this an impossible idea? Might it save a few kids from the trauma they've been seeing in schools in Nevada and Connecticut ?

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