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Visiting Chicago, A Gun Girl is Unarmed, for Gun Nuts

By Gabby For Gun Nuts

Gabby has no gun in Chicago, but she's still thinking about self defense
I've been working hard lately, to carry concealed, regularly. While spending a week in an unfamiliar Georgia city my ccw was in my purse everyday. When running around my home turf of Atlanta I prefer small of the back holstering, though I may alternate to my purse if I'm jumping in and out of the car excessively. It's easier to carry in the fall and winter because layers of shirts and jackets help me to conceal bulges.
However, I often find myself checking that the back of my shirt hasn't rolled up and tucked behind my gun. If anyone were paying attention, I'd be blowing my cover. But today I wake up in The Windy City with no gun to strap on. This is because Illinois is still working to put in place the gun rights that they recently gave back to their citizens. What can I do to keep safe while unarmed? What lessons can I take from carrying concealed and apply when my primary weapon must stay at home?

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