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CZ's New 3-Gun Shotgun Offering

By Gabby For Gun Nuts

As SHOTShow began, I made a bee line for the CZ-USA booth. The company has held a special place I my heart since I purchased my first pistol, a CZ 75 B, and they haven't let me down since. I didn't know it as I visited the CZ booth, but later that day I would find out that the first ever ladies only 3-gun major match was about to be announced. What made this news even more exciting was that it would occur in Covington Georgia, surprisingly close to my home in Atlanta.
Thus began my crash course in 3-gun competition. Back at the CZ booth I was shown their brand new 3-gun ready 712 Practical shotgun.

If Caleb seems to be ready to jump on the Beretta bandwagon, then I guess the same can be said of me for CZ.

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