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First Look Remington R51 Review

By Gabby

remington%20R51%20reviewSince Remington didn't bring the R51 to Media Day at the Range, it's anybody's guess how it shoots, but based on its weight, it probably doesn't kick too bad. That's right, the first thing I noticed about the R51, is that it's heavy. My next thought was that, while thin, the R51 is almost full  sized. This really surprised me. I wasn't expecting a gun that could be called a steel version of Ruger's LC9.

On the positive side, the trigger seems quick, crisp and responsive, but that was the only positive I noticed. The mag release was uncomfortable and the backstrap safety was rediculously crunchy and cumbersome. The CrimsonTrace laser option fit under the muzzel nicely, but I'm not sure that Remington deserves the credit for this.

I won't be running out for one of these, but I appreciate the effort.
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Kalaryn said...

Good to know, I liked the way it looked but I haven't had a chance to touch it or anything. Normally I like my boxy 1911 look on guns so I was surprised to be a little intrigued by this one. I'm not sure how I feel about it not having a safety (I think I read that it didn't have one). I'll wait until it hits stores to check it out and see.

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