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Glock 42 First Look Review

By Gabby 

Honey I shrunk the Glock! A first look at the Glock 42
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If I was ever going to like a .380, I would strongly consider liking the Glock 42. It was a weird feeling, holding a really small gun that felt like a Glock. With all the bells and whistles of a gen 4, from multiple backstraps, to checkering, yet thin, I sort of felt like I was a giant, holding a Glock 19. The whole experience was just that hard to wrap my brain around.

And why is the 42 being made in .380 and not in 9mm? The Glock rep said that they had two reasons for doing this:
1. Glock's research showed that .380 was what the market desired
2. Outside of the US, "military calibers" are not always available to civilians. While 9mm is considered a "military" round, .380 is not.
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sportsman00 said...

Go on any gun fourm site, especially Glock forums and you will find that the overwhelming majority wanted a single stack 9mm. NOBODY WAS TALKING ABOUT A 380. Where did Glock do their marked research? Europe? Spain?

Kestrelbike said...

Exactly. And I haven't heard or read a single person coming to the defense of the .380, so I'm just shaking my head. If it's for the American market, Americans don't give a s*** that 9mm is a military caliber unavailable to unfortunate Europeans, so that's two crappy answers given by that Glock rep.

Liston Matthews said...

There are those who either can't easily operate a slide with 9mm or can't take the recoil of a pocket 380 or small 9mm. This might just be the ticket for them. The difference between 380 and 9mm has shrunk, also, as has the difference between 9mm, .40, and .45. Reports are that this will sell like crazy.


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