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New Pocket Pistols are not for Beginers, for Gun Nuts

By Gabby For Gun Nuts

gabby%20shooting%20XDs%209mm%20at%20SHOTShow%202013I remember a few years ago when the general public couldn't get their hands on the Smith and Wesson Shield but every woman I spoke to was convinced it was the gun for her. Since then a few new pocket pistols have come out each year and I have seen the same dance repeat. Many times, the women who are clamoring to buy one of these tiny gun, have never pulled a trigger in their lives.
Now I see Glock getting in the game, and I cringe thinking, it's all down hill from here. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled to see the growth of women's concealed carry options, and I realize these guns are not purely being marketed to the "hot new" female market of the firearms world, but I wish these offerings could be hidden from new shooters, until they weren't "new" any more.

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Kalaryn said...

Yes, obviously they have never pulled a trigger and also
probably not aware that the smaller the gun, the more recoil. I have to say, that I was pretty enamored
with some of the pocket pistols because they are small. Can’t say I will be jumping on any glock
bandwagon though, I have an aversion and dislike of the look of glocks, which
if I ever get the chance to fire one I might change my mind. lol

chris kraska said...

I've been shooting Glocks since 1986. They work and I teach almost exclusively using them.

That being said, the Smith and Wesson M&P line as well as the Shield pistols are very well made and reliable. I just wish the grip on the Shield wasn't so abbreviated.


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