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Review: Smoke 'Em Targets

By Gabby

smoke%20em%20targets%20reviewed%20by%20ArmedCandySmoke 'Em Targets are a fun concept! When you shoot certain areas of the target, you are rewarded with a colorful puff of powder, that let's you know what you've hit. This was especially helpful, because from about 15 yards, I had no idea where on the target, I was hitting. If I could change one thing about the Zombie Lunch Lady image, I would increase the contrast, so that I could better distinguish the cross hairs in the drawing. Also, don't put the gosh darn thing 15 yards out... My bad.

When using Smoke on a Rope, I was much happier with the results. The rope can be hung at any height you prefer and the target area is very easy to see. I put these about 10-15 feet away and thoroughly enjoyed myself. With a 9mm pistol and in a range that was protected from wind, I saw a lot of color puff from the targets. This was great feed back for my moving and shooting drills. When practicing for speed I might have preferred the targets to bounce a little less. This might have been caused by the chosen rope that holds all three targets, being too thin. Then again, I used these targets during my first experience moving and shooting, so I'm not sure I could have gone any faster. (check out that video and decide for yourself)

Having reviewed reactive targets like this in the past, (see my review of Ghost Targets) I assumed that these two would appeal to almost I identical buyers. However, I can now see why each product has its place in the market. Ghost Targets really only work with .22 rounds and they are made to help plinkers practice precision shooting. Smoke 'Em Targets are meant mostly, for a fun day at the range. If you have a place where you can drive stakes into the ground, but no place from which to hang something, Smoke 'Em Targets has an option for you. Then again the large thick piece of Styrofoam that is included in the Zombie Lunch Lady target (you will see me shooting in the video) is cumbersome to carry to the range. Both products are easy to clean up, though it is unlikely that any indoor range will allow you to use them.

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