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3 Gun Gear - Shotguns & Modifications

By Gabby

shot%252520gun%252520Xrail%252520magazineIn my meeting last week with Match Director, Lisa Marie Judy, we began by talking about shotguns. This is because, as I have read, matches can be won and lost with the shotgun. (Also, I have the most to learn about 3gun gun, so it makes sense to get started ASAP.) Unlike with skeet and trap shooting, in 3gun, we really do use our shotgun sights. The gun must begin a stage with no more than 9 shells loaded into the gun. That's 8 rounds in the tube, one in he chamber (unless one is shooting "Open" division.) Lisa Marie explained to me that, if you own an X rail for you shotgun, then Open division is for you. "You don't load your shotgun in Open division."


There are a few generally accepted shotguns used in 3gun and a few more that were recently introduced to the market. The Benelli M2, Remington Versamax, FN SLP, Mossberg JMPro 930. The Beretta 1301, and CZ's 712 Tactical are the new models. Some common modifications are to have the loading port widened and reamed to get rid of any sharp edges, and having the excess material milled away from the front of the loading port. After market items, such as a large release button, safety or charging handle, may be installed making manipulation of the gun quicker and easier. Some will also have the loader's fork welded closed so that it can not grab and hold your thumb. (Which I did, and yes, it hurt.) An easy change is to attach a longer magazine tube, this will quickly add capacity, meaning fewer reloads. Some of the previously mentioned models of shotgun come with these features and are often labeled as a manufacturers 3gun model.

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