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First Look Review: Laserlyte AR Trainer

By Gabby For Gun Nuts

laserlyte%20AR%20trainer%20reviewLaserlyte just sent over their new AR trainer system "Training Tyme AR LT-C556" and I'm very excited because of all the guns in my house, my AR is the one with which I need the most practice. I like this kit a little more than others I've tried, because there is no blue gun involved, and while that will mean a lot of extra racking of the charging handle, I will be able to practice with a real trigger and my own sights.
I figured thier would have to use of the charging handle since no live fire or blowback will be involved in use of this trainer. However, the oversized charging handle that is included with this kit, was a little surprising when I first opened the box. I mean, the thing is huge! 

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