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Registration for Brownells Lady 3Gun Opens Saturday

By Gabby

I'm kind of amazed that I've spent an entire year writing for Gun Nuts Media, and still know so little about competitive shooting. I might have continued on this path as a casual-shooting gun girl, if it were not for the very first, Lady 3-Gun Major Match announced recently at SHOTShow.

Now that such a monumental match is coming to my home state, I feel compelled to dive into the competitive shooting sports head first. So I've started by doing a considerable amount of reading, googling and YouTube watching. I also had an interview/lesson today with Match Director, Lisa Marie Judy, who really knows her stuff.

First, let's get VERY basic. The competition is called Brownells Lady 3-Gun Pro-Am Challenge. "Pro-Am" means that professionals and amateurs will shoot this match side by side. But don't assume this means that newbies will stand out, or should feel shy about jumping in for the first time. Clinics are being planned by Babes with Bullets as part of the event. They will even be bringing loaner guns for those who don't have their own equipment. 

Another reason not to feel shy about this match, "squads" are being organized so that no shooter will be going it alone. If you know someone you like shooting with, you'll be able to sign up to move through the competition together! Acording to Lisa Marie, the squads will be about 1/3rd pro shooters and 2/3rd amiture. The pro shooters of each squad will shoot each stage first and then help coach the rest of the squad. Squads will also be able to share gear. While scores have nothing to do I with squading, there will be a lot of friendly interaction among the ladies.

We have so much more to discuss, from equipment, to workouts, to air soft practicing tips. But the first thing we need to do is sign up! 3-gun is one of the fastest growing sports out there so if you even timing you might want to shoot this match, make sure you sign up as soon as registration opens on Saturday February 8th, 2014.

To learn a little more before my next post, read the 3-gun rules, linked here from Atlanta 3-Gun, the host club for this match. Pay close attention to the divisions the Lady-only event will offer: "Open", "Tac-Irons" and "Tac-Ops". (Tac is short for "tactical" and Ops is short for "optics", but you knew that, right?!)

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