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3Gun Drills

By Gabby For Gun Nuts

3gun drills Gabby learned from training with some of the Noveske shooting teamWhile practicing and learning 3 gun stuff with Janna Reeves and James Casanova (two members of the Noveske Shooting Team) I learned a little bit about how to train. Since running through stages isn't always feasible and isn't necessarily the most effective way to attack specific skills, we began with some small drills. The first was designed to speed up target acquisition and the second pushed accuracy as well as physical stamina.

To set up the first drill, called a "Par Drill," one needs a shot timer with the ability to sound a second buzzer once a pre-set amount of time has elapsed. The shooter stands at low ready. This drill can be done with any type of gun but the target should be adjusted for whatever firearm is being used. We practiced with our rifles and a gong target set up at about 50 yards. The buzzer sounds and the shooter should get thier sights on target and then take the shot. This is done five times and then an average is calculated.

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