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A New Gal on the 3Gun Pro Series Tour

By Gabby For Gun Nuts

Janna Reeves is a new woman to the 3 Gun Pro Series Tour shooting for Noveske TeamThis past weekend marked the beginning of the 3 Gun Nation's 2014 Pro Series Tour. In Owasso Oklahoma the best of the best met and kicked off a competition that will continue until early 2015. Janna Reeves, the newest member of the Noveske 3 Gun Team, is one of 12 women who make up the women's division. Having won the Qualifier back in February, Ms. Reeves went into this weekend with high expectations of herself. Unfortunately, she came back to her new Georgia home, less than than thrilled with her performance.

Janna recently relocated from the Midwest to the southeast to shoot with her Noveske team mates and help establish new marketing offices for the ammunition company she represents through social media, Freedom Munitions. What I discovered during our conversation about the Pro Series Event is that Janna is not all that far from the Beginner-to-3 Gun status that I proclaim so proudly.

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