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First Run at a 3Gun Stage

By Gabby For Gun Nuts

The gong to start with is at 50 feet. There's another at an angle, so let's say 60 feet, with four steel poppers inbetween. I am allowed to start moving and engage two silhouettes with two plates attached to each. Dump the rifle with safety on and pick up shotgun. Break nine clays and come around a table to either, knock down five steel targets with shells or dump the short gun and take on the rest with pistol. One silhouette to the right, another with a plate to the left. Two more steel gongs and five steels to knock down at the end.

The buzzer sounds and I engage the closer of the two gongs. The four poppers go down easily, but the furthest gong gives me a lot of trouble. I abandon it and move on... and begin moving. I'm not running, I'm slinking along trying to keep my on target the whole time. Why? I'm not sure. I think I've seen too many SWAT movies!

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