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Reader Email- How to Upgrade from a .22

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Dear Gabby,
I do my shooting with a .22 pistol now, but I am wanting to upgrade. I am wondering yours thoughts on 9mm vs. 40 cal debate. I am also wondering if you have a favorite pistol as well as any buying tips you might have.

Well Kate, you've asked what could be the one question that creates the most debate among pistol shooters. I can give you my opinions about caliber and brand, but what I would prefer is to give you the tools to make a great decision on your own.

First, I applaud you for beginning with a .22. Now that you've established your fundamentals you're ready to apply them to a caliber with a bit more punch. Personally, I like a 9mm. They are relatively inexpensive, low recoil and almost every manufacturer offers one or multiple models that fit this caliber.

You may want to consider that a heavier pistol will "help" you handle the recoiled of your "upgrade". At first anything more than a .22 round will feel like a lot to deal with, but a heavier gun, or one with a steel frame, may smooth the transition. Grip will also help you feel "in-control" when you start dealing with recoil. Make sure you can get your fingers around the blackstrap and reach the trigger comfortably.

I have created a sort of buyer's guide for first time pistol shoppers that you can print and take with you to the range. The chart will help you organize your research and findings as you shop. Depending on where you live you may be able to rent a few pistols at your local shooting range. Hopefully, you will be able to try a number of guns so that you can make an informed decision. Once you know about the features you like and those you don't, read some reviews to find out what the experts think. Here is a link to my past gun reviews. I have written about many 9mm pistols as well as others.
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