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Review: Laserlyte Plinking Cans & Compact Pistol

By Gabby For Gun Nuts

Laserlyte plinking cans targets and compact training pistol reviewed by ArmedCandyIsn't dry fire training a great option for winters like these, when the range is an iced over highway away, and ammo is still so hard to find anyway? Too many people don't value the usefulness of dry firing. I imagine this is due to most people's understand of the definition of "dry firing," the inability of the shooter to judge if they are practicing correctly, or the spreading of the syndrome I have recently termed, "Dry Fire Training Boredom." To combat all three of these issues, and probably a few others, Laserlyte now offers a new training target option, Plinking Cans.

If you saw my reviews of Laserlyte's first target system TLB-1 and Reaction Tyme target system TLB-RT, then you are aware, that I began utterly dissatisfied but was then highly impressed by each of these two devices, respectively. With the two brilliant Reaction Tyme targets, one can practice speed and accuracy, individually or at the same time. I was so impressed with these, that I had trouble imagining how Laserlyte was going to improve on them. When I got a'hold of the new Plinking Can targets TLB-BWC, I got my answer; They couldn't. I'm not saying that this new product isn't fun and useful, but if one had to chose between the two devices, the Plinking Cans would not be the winner. 

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