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3 Gun Tip: Running

By Gabby For Gun Nuts

gabby of ArmedCandy practicing 3 gun and learning how to run and gunIn many shooting competitions when you see a small shooting box demarkation on the ground you know, this is the spot from which I will shoot. These boxes are usually about two feet by two feet. Shooting from anywhere outside this box is a really bad idea. But in 3 gun this is not exactly the case. Shooting boxes are often huge and they give the shooter a lot of freedom. As I began learning about 3 gun and attempting to combine running, shooting and thinking, this freedom began to confuse the heck out of me.

When running with your gun there are a bunch of things to remember: don’t flag yourself, the 180 degree rule, where is my next target, don’t trip, where does the shooting box end… That’s a lot to keep in mind when the buzzer sounds. Here is where the pre-stage walk-threw can come in especially handy. Many pros walking through a stage while miming sighting in their gun, but if you look carefully they may also be looking very carefully at their feet.

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