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Chivalry and the Gun Girl

By Gabby For Gun Nuts

Janna Reeves Cheering on Gabby of ArmedCandy as they practice 3 Gun"Ladies first," is no longer a term that carries any meaning. Doors are not heald open anymore and checks are split on dates. One could say that these were signs of the women's liberation movement winning the equality battle, but that's only if we make the mistake of equating genteel behavior with inequality. It's the fault of both parties involved. Men should be holding themselves to a minimum standard of gentlemanly behavior. Women should demand the treatment due to a lady...As long as she acts like a lady.

However, we lady shooters face a conflict. While we work to represent women as respectable members of the shooting community, with little differentiating us from our male counterparts, we don't want to be thought of as less feminine.

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cm said...

I always hold the door for women and my elders. I was raised right by my momma. I can tell you that the majority of women over 30 always say a gracious 'thank you' and the majority of women under 30 tend to walk right by with no acknowledgement whatsoever and an air of entitlement. Sometimes a gaggle of 3 or 4 will parade through as though I am a servant, but every now and then the last one through will look at me and smile and say thank you. The death of chivalry walks behind the death of good manners. I am raising my son as I was raised. He’s 13 and so far, so good.

yardbird1947 said...

Unless you dip or spit, don't worry about it.

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